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Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap’s daughter Aaliyah Kashyap obtained engaged to Shane Gregoire in an intimate bash in August. The American entrepreneur had proposed to her earlier this 12 months. Aaliyah, who’s a YouTuber, just lately opened up about her weight acquire and insecurities as she chatted with Shane on the newest episode of their podcast, Opposites Entice. Additionally learn: Aaliyah reacts to claims of her fiancé dwelling off Anurag Kashyap’s cash

Aaliyah Kashyap has talked being body shamed after gaining 12-13 kg in the last year or so.
Aaliyah Kashyap has talked being physique shamed after gaining 12-13 kg within the final 12 months or so.

Aaliyah on feeling insure due to her physique

Within the episode, titled Exposing Our Insecurities, Aaliyah, who is kind of energetic on social media revealed how initially, feedback about her weight affected her psychological well being. Aaliyah mentioned on the podcast, “My weight and my body, I am quite insecure about right now. It is crazy how detrimental this insecurity can be to mental health. I was always really skinny; my whole life, my metabolic rate was really high and used to eat a lot. I always wanted to put on weight because I was scary skinny, my bones and stuff – very scary. No matter how much I ate, I couldn’t put on weight. And my mom (film editor Aarti Bajaj) used to be like that when she was younger too, so I know this is genetic…”

Aaliyah on folks’s response to her weight acquire

“But two years ago, when I started taking antidepressants, I started putting on so much weight. I think I’ve put on about 12 or 13 kg in the last year and a half. Which is a lot for me. It’s a huge change from what I’ve been used to my whole life. When I initially started putting on weight I was really happy… because I also didn’t like how skinny I looked. But then it kept going, and then I was like ‘Okay, that’s enough. You can stop now.’ But it just never stopped… I started having a really unhealthy relationship with food, which affected my mental health. People started commenting about my weight, which affected my mental health…”

She added that her weight acquire ‘blew up and have become a lot greater than it wanted to be’. Aaliyah additional mentioned, “Even on Instagram and YouTube, clearly it’s noticeable that I’ve gained weight, however they (folks) need not remark about it publicly, particularly, when you do not know how somebody feels about it (weight acquire). I used to be so upset about it and each time I obtained a remark, I felt worse. I assumed, ‘Oh my God, persons are noticing… I feel I’m at a significantly better place now… Clearly I’m nonetheless not proud of how I look and I’m nonetheless insecure, however I feel I’m in a more healthy mindset in the present day.”

Aaliyah recollects being known as ‘fats’

Aaliyah then recalled a ‘unhappy story’ about how she just lately known as a ‘therapeutic massage girl’ residence, somebody she used to name usually, until a few 12 months in the past. She mentioned the girl had informed her after seeing her a few weeks in the past, “Oh my God, you may have turn into fats since that final time I noticed you!” Aaliyah mentioned was crying, whereas getting the therapeutic massage.

Shane then chimed in and mentioned that it enrages him that this – ‘folks commenting on others’ weight’ – occurs in India on a regular basis. “It’s bizarre how a lot consideration that (folks’s weight) will get right here,” he mentioned.

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