Baldur’s Gate 3 – House Of Grief And Sharran Lookout Guide

Shadowheart’s quest, Daughter of Darkness, will quickly conclude through the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3. This time, it is advisable study what led to her worship of Shar, and if there’s something you are able to do about it. Our information discusses the Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Grief and Sharran Lookout targets, in addition to the choices that it is advisable make. Likewise, please remember that this text incorporates spoilers.

Easy methods to Full Sharran Lookout and Home of Grief in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Grief and Sharran Lookout targets are a part of the sport’s third act. However, earlier than you get to that phase, here is a quick recounting of the alternatives we made in our marketing campaign:

  • We romanced Shadowheart for the whole lot of the marketing campaign. Nevertheless, it is best to nonetheless get her questline even if you happen to’re in a relationship with a special companion. Simply make it possible for she stays alive in your occasion to keep away from mishaps.
  • In Act 2, we satisfied Shadowheart to spare Nightsong. That induced her to reject Shar.
  • Shadowheart learns that, as a baby, she would’ve been a Selunite novice. Sadly, she was kidnapped by Sharran disciples. Furthermore, it is revealed that her dad and mom are nonetheless alive.

The place to Discover the Sharran Lookout

Your subsequent goal within the Daughter of Darkness quest is to seek out the Baldur’s Gate 3 Sharran Lookout. Within the village of Rivington, head to the fitting of the waypoint. There, you will meet a fella by the title of Ferg Dogher (X:45; Y:-102). You possibly can let Shadowheart deal with the dialog right here, and you may be taught that her dad and mom are imprisoned within the Home of Grief.

Ferg is chilling in Rivington.
Ferg is chilling in Rivington.

The place to Discover the Home of Grief

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Grief is in northwestern fringe of the Decrease Metropolis (X:-246; Y:-9). We recommend recruiting Jaheira and Minsc, if doable, earlier than heading to this place.

As soon as inside, you will need Shadowheart to sit down on the granite bench, which ends up in a cutscene involving the enclave’s Mom Superior. Let her deal with the dialogue right here. Alternatively, in case your character sits on the bench, you will be requested a number of questions. Nonetheless, for storyline functions, it is higher to let Shadowheart take the lead on this half. She’ll additionally get the Rites of Loss Inspiration level.

You may discover out that the Mom Superior is none aside from Viconia DeVir. Followers of the sequence will keep in mind her as one of many companions from the earlier video games. As an evil-aligned Drow, Viconia has forsaken Lolth and now serves Shar. As such, if Jaheira and Minsc are with you, they will have further banter through the cutscene.


Left: The Home of Grief’s location; Proper: Jaheira and Minsc will not be too happy once they get reunited with Viconia.

Dilemma: Save Shadowheart or Give Her to the Mom Superior

Within the internal sanctum of the Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Grief, you are given an ultimatum: do you defend Shadowheart, or do you hand her over to the Sharran cultists?

Defend Shadowheart – This results in a battle towards Viconia and over a dozen disciples. We focus on this shortly.

Give up Shadowheart – Viconia might be happy. She guarantees assistance from Girl Shar’s devoted as a part of the Collect Your Allies tally.

Come on, are you really going to give up Shadowheart at this stage of the game?
Come on, are you actually going to surrender Shadowheart at this stage of the sport?

Boss Battle: Mom Superior and Shar’s Disciples

As a result of Shadowheart is the very best lady, we’re by no means gonna give her up, and we’re by no means gonna let her down–even although she did flip round and desert Shar. Finest be ready for this bout, since Viconia is hard:

  • Shadowheart might be with Wayward Coronary heart, which causes her to get critically hit by all of Viconia’s assaults, whereas having an obstacle towards Knowledge saving throws. Evidently this dissipates upon doing an extended relaxation.
  • Viconia transforms right into a wolf, so she’ll have her base HP as soon as you’ve got taken out her polymorphed type.
  • Viconia heals plenty of HP if she makes use of Nightbringer’s Beloved. Furthermore, her Radiant Retort passive causes her to blast her attacker with double the radiant harm that they deal. That is why we recommend having Shadowheart respec into the Tempest Area in our Cleric construct information. That approach, you can also make use of thunder and lightning spells.
  • As a final resort, Viconia can take out a number of characters with Divine Intervention: Sunder the Heretical. After all, you may also solid this on condition that Shadowheart’s stage is excessive sufficient at this stage. However, this spell can solely be used as soon as.
  • If these aren’t sufficient, the opposite cultists will fortunately solid Darkness. That is adopted by Beckoning Darkness and Name of the Darkish Girl, each of which proc necrotic harm when a personality is in an obscured or dimly-lit spot.

Evidently, you’ve got obtained your work minimize out for you. Ideally, you will wish to go all-out with AoE spells, akin to Cloudkill, Damaging Wave, Ice Storm, and the like. Likewise, there are high-tier Illithid Powers, like Black Gap, that can be utilized to realize a bonus. You may also attempt to reposition your occasion members individually earlier than the struggle so you possibly can whittle down the enemy forces.

Use every AoE at your disposal, because Shar's followers won't take it easy on you.
Use each AoE at your disposal, as a result of Shar’s followers will not take it simple on you.

Dilemma: Ought to You Spare or Kill the Mom Superior

After the Baldur’s Gate 3 Viconia struggle, you’ve got obtained one other resolution to make: spare Viconia or kill her? For those who ask Shadowheart, she will not care both approach, so the selection is as much as you.

Kill Viconia – Minsc will approve of this, and you’ll loot her for numerous goodies:

  • Viconia’s Strolling Fortress (legendary protect) – +3 AC; when hit with a melee assault, use a response to deal 2-8 pressure harm and knock your enemy susceptible; benefit on saving throws towards spells; spell assault rolls towards you will have drawback; Reflective Shell motion; Warding Bond spell.
  • Viconia’s Priestess Gown – +10 AC; whereas obscured, acquire benefit on Stealth checks; Protect of Religion offers a +2 bonus to saving throws; +1 AC.
  • Handmaiden’s Mace – 9-21 bludgeoning and poison harm; +2 weapon enchantment; will increase your Energy to 18.
  • Viconia’s Private Chest Key
  • Inspiration: Knives within the Darkish (Soldier) – This requires you to outlive the battle towards Shar’s cultists. For some motive, you will not get this in any respect if you happen to spare Viconia, although you gained the struggle.

Spare Viconia – Jaheira will approve of this. Viconia limps away, and we by no means noticed her once more.

While you’re executed, be sure to loot all of the corpses within the chamber. You may additionally wish to seize the Silver Key. Likewise, if you happen to examine one of many aspect rooms in the primary chamber, you will meet a priestess named Nocturne. She and Shadowheart was buddies. Ensure you buy some objects from her, as she’ll disappear after you do an extended relaxation. Moreover, you will discover the Counting Home Vault 8 Key from the small chest within the dormitory. You should use it as soon as you come back to the Counting Home.

Shadowheart doesn't really care about what happens to Viconia after the battle.
Shadowheart would not actually care about what occurs to Viconia after the battle.

Dilemma: What to Do with Shadowheart’s Mother and father

The following factor it is advisable do within the Baldur’s Gate 3 Home of Grief is use Shadowheart’s dad and mom. Decide up the Black Diamond in entrance of the altar, and you may see a plate that will get raised. Work together with it, and unlock the door utilizing the Silver Key.

Within the internal sanctum, you will see her dad and mom chained by way of magical means. As you method, a cutscene will set off. You be taught Shadowheart’s actual title: Jenevelle Santos Hallowleaf. Shar, the Mom of Evening, chides you in your silly efforts. You are advised that, if Shadowheart frees her dad and mom, she’ll nonetheless endure from the curse. Alternatively, you possibly can allow them to perish. It is fairly an emotional second, adopted by an unattainable selection that have to be made.

Decide on what happens to Shadowheart's parents.
Determine on what occurs to Shadowheart’s dad and mom.

“It’s best to finish their struggling, and yours” – Shadowheart will flip her dad and mom’ spirits into Moonmotes. They’re going to at all times be along with her, although they’re gone. After an extended relaxation (or two), Shadowheart will stand in entrance of Selune’s statue, tearful that she solely had a quick second along with her dad and mom.

“That is your selection” or “Stay silent” – This will even trigger the loss of life of Shadowheart’s dad and mom.

“Don’t lose your dad and mom, not once more” – You must go a DC20 Faith or Persuasion examine. Shadowheart’s dad and mom will keep in your camp. They may settle for her regardless of what she’s develop into in her misguided service to Shar. For the sake of readability, this was the result that we selected.

The Mirror of Loss

Final however not least, you will see the Mirror of Loss in the back of the room. For those who work together with it, you possibly can go for an Arcana or Faith examine to look at the relic’s function. There’s one other Faith examine to supply a prayer, however we did not plan on doing this as it would imply turning into a Shar worshiper.

Anyway, you are requested to give up part of your self:

  • Decide any of the six attributes, and you may lose two factors to that stat. This may be cleansed by way of the Take away Curse spell.
  • Decide the Deception reply and go the examine, and you will be high quality.
We tried interacting with the Mirror of Loss using Shadowheart, but it felt so wrong that we immediately reloaded our save.
We tried interacting with the Mirror of Loss utilizing Shadowheart, but it surely felt so improper that we instantly reloaded our save.

Unusually sufficient, we solely learn of sure tidbits skilled by random individuals recounted by way of voiceover. Our character did not acquire a brand new energy, capacity, or passive. We’re unsure if that is working as supposed.

In any case, that is every thing you possibly can count on from the Sharran Lookout and Home of Grief in Baldur’s Gate 3. No matter your choices, you will conclude Shadowheart’s Daughter of Darkness quest chain.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is stuffed to the brim with actions and secrets and techniques. You may little question be a part of an journey that may take numerous hours to finish. For different ideas, you possibly can go to our BG3 guides hub.

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