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JTBC’s upcoming Okay-drama Behind Your Contact raised considerations ever because the trailer launched. The present, touted to be a psychometric thriller, got here below the scanner after the trailer confirmed its feminine lead, who has psychometric powers, touching folks’s hip to find out about their previous. Whereas many discovered it hilarious, underlining the comedic side of the present, a couple of have been merely not pleased and even known as it endorsement of sexual harassment. Addressing these considerations, Behind Your Contact director Kim Sok Yun broke silence throughout a press convention.

Behind Your Touch stars Lee Min Ki, Han Ji Min and Suho from EXO.
Behind Your Contact stars Lee Min Ki, Han Ji Min and Suho from EXO.

Kim Sok Yun on Behind Your Contact

Explaining the title of the present ‘힙하게’ (Behind Your Contact n English), which additionally means hip (adjective or adverb) in Korean, Kim Sok Yun mentioned through the press meet, “So, the word that we use in Korean ‘hip’, it means that you have a unique characteristic or it’s refreshing. I thought it was an entertaining title. And also when ‘Ye Bun’ gets her supernatural power of psychometry it is a supernatural power that sort of has a handicap with it. You have to physically touch someone’s hip or behind to be able to perform that supernatural power. So, I tried to sort of combine those two together and create the title. ”

Kim Sok Yun on folks’s response

When requested about considerations of the folks with the present and its title, the director, who’s greatest identified for Detective Okay, mentioned, “Yes, I heard that as well. When people saw the edited footage, I know that some people did have some concerns, but I think the context is really important. Without context, it could convey different things but I want to say with confidence that you shouldn’t be worried. Our show hasn’t launched yet. But I feel that when it is aired, those concerns will be resolved. And when you watch the drama, I believe that it will all be resolved.”

Behind Your Touch controversy

Reacting to the show and its trailer, Twitter users previously expressed disappointment. One of them tweeted, “No gender should be touching any other gender inappropriately without consent.” “Be it a man or a woman touching someone’s butt is definitely inappropriate and weird,” added one other person. Another mentioned sarcastically, “Nothing wrong with that. Only men can’t do that to women.” In the meantime, Allkpop additionally quoted one person slamming the makers on-line and saying, “The directors, cast, and production team would have had to kneel and apologise if they created a drama where the male lead goes around touching female butts.” “Basically saying, it’s okay to sexually harass men,” questioned one more one.

The whole lot about Behind Your Contact

Behind Your Contact stars Han Ji Min, Lee Min Ki and EXO member Suho. Whereas it marks Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki’s reunion with the director, the present can also be Suho’s first Okay-drama in a few years, particularly after navy discharge.

EXO’s Suho on Okay-drama comeback

Suho advised media about his return and revealed why he selected Behind Your Contact. He mentioned, “My favorite TV show is My Liberation Notes. So, I watch it and rewatch it and then director Kim is returning with another show. So, it was my honor to be part of this project. I got the script and I was reading the script, and I felt that my character Seon Woo was someone who was very interesting. So when I first read the script, I didn’t get the entire script for all the episodes. I think I had the first 6 episodes amount of the script. And when I was reading the script, I was like “who is this guy?” I received very interested in who this man ‘Seon Woo’ is. And as I learn extra scripts, I needed to return to the primary episode and skim it once more to determine who this man actually is as a result of he’s very mysterious. So I used to be very intrigued by this character. I used to be reeled in by the script and I actually needed to tackle this position. So, I’m simply actually pleased to be a part of the present. I didn’t select the present, I believe the present selected me, the director selected me. I’m very pleased.”

Behind Your Contact will launch on Netflix and JTBC on August 12.

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