Chhavi Mittal on now battling Costochondritis: Even breathing gets painful at times

It’s been greater than a yr since she was recognized with breast most cancers. She is cancer-free now, after present process treatment- however now Chhavi Mittal has one other factor to cope with.

Chhavi Mittal on now battling Costochondritis: Even breathing gets painful at times
Chhavi Mittal on now battling Costochondritis: Even respiration will get painful at occasions

She took to Instagram lately to share that she has been recognized with costocondritis. Explaining to us what it means, the 42-year-old says, “I think what I am experiencing is a side effect of all the cancer treatments, it started with a foot fracture. I went to get it checked, and upon the scan I found out that I have low bone mineral density which hinted towards osteopenia, a condition where bones start losing calcium in the blood. The treatment is an injection, and I took it.”

What occurred subsequent was even worse, she continues, “I started experiencing severe chest pain, which felt more like soams in the chest. It went all the way back to the upperback shoulder, everything felt really tight. I started taking pain meds for it. Once the spasm passed, I realised there was an injury to the chest cartilage, which basically means that breathing and everything causes pain. My left arm’s movement is restricted, even filling a bottle of water is painful for me. Only the pain can be managed through medications, it’s been seven days I have been on it”

Her kids, Areeza and Arham too are attempting to chip in with nevertheless they’ll to assist their mother navigate by means of her on a regular basis life. “My daughter helps me a lot,, running small errands. My son too does that, but it gets a little difficult for me to explain to him I cannot pick him up, and that he needs to be careful around my left side. But I am not dependent upon anybody, I was not even after my cancer surgery or treatment. I always try to do as much as I can on my own. Lifting weights I cannot do, and I need to be driven around though,” she shares.

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