Dillon Danis’ attacks on Nina Agdal show how social media normalises misogyny

Dubbing ladies’s experiences in on-line areas as “trolling” is an understatement. Remarks ladies confronted with on social media platforms, for varied causes, are largely characterised by sexist harassment, misogyny, and abuse. That is precisely what Nina Agdal, Logan Paul’s fiance, has been coping with for the previous few days.

Dillon Danis (R) has been brutally attacking Logan Paul and Nina Agdal (L) online (Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports USA TODAY Sports via Reuters Con, dillondanis/Instagram)
Dillon Danis (R) has been brutally attacking Logan Paul and Nina Agdal (L) on-line (Obligatory Credit score: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports activities USA TODAY Sports activities through Reuters Con, dillondanis/Instagram)

An specific video that social media customers imagine options Nina has been doing the rounds after it was shared by Dillon Danis, though a number of stories have dismissed claims that the girl within the video is Nina. This comes after Logan’s combat with Dillon, who showcased Nina’s relationship historical past in an try and mess with Paul.

Logan and Dillon’s feud reached its peak this week when the MMAstar crossed a line with their October 14 combat. On August 8, Paul introduced his return to the ring, prompting Dillon to launch a social media warfare. Dillon went on to troll and harass Logan, going to the extent of constructing sexist remarks about Nina.

Dillon Danis’ sick assaults

Dillon shared the current video after varied different posts he shared on social media about Nina. The video exhibits a girl, who Dillon believed is Nina, in an intimate setting alongside an aged gentleman. The lady is seen exhibiting off her non-public elements. Dillon claimed he possesses a number of different embarrassing photographs and movies of Nina, saying, “I wanna drop these nukes I have of Nina so bad it would literally break the internet.”

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Dillon’s sick method in direction of attacking Paul, the place he concerned a girl who has nothing to do with their combat, has prompted an uproar on social media. Individuals of all genders can expertise violence and abuse on-line, however typically remarks ladies need to cope with are sexualised and embody feedback about their our bodies. Shaming, belittling and silencing ladies within the identify of “trolling” has now change into a continuing follow.

Boxing has by no means actually concerned respect between rivals, however slut-shaming ladies within the rivals’ lives is the foulest method of coping with the drama. Dillon’s method will not be one-of-a-kind. It’s a well-liked tactic within the on-line house.

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Nina is a Danish mannequin well-known for her Sports activities Illustrated campaigns alongside Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge. It’s laborious to think about how Dillon’s relentless on-line harassment will need to have been affecting her.

This has been occurring for not less than a month, with Dillon taking to X (previously Twitter) to publish topless footage of Nina in an try and anger Logan – photographs that look like consensually taken. Photos of her former boyfriends have been additionally dug out. A number of the photos have been visibly photoshopped.

How social media tried to tear Nina Agdal aside

Again in August, after Dillon launched his assault on Nina, ‘Nina Agdal past boyfriends,’ ‘Nina Agdal body count,’ and ‘Nina Agal ex Leonardo DiCaprio’ started trending. Merely put, a sickening ego battle between two grown-up males led to a girl’s character being ripped aside, her seemingly regular previous encounters with males being laid naked for on-line trolls to demean her with vile, sexist feedback.

It doesn’t matter who Nina has dated up to now, or how many individuals she had dated. Nobody is given the fitting to sexualise her due to topless modelling she has been part of – it was her selection.

How lengthy will ladies, particularly those that categorical feminist sentiments, endure this abuse? Individuals on social media brazenly name ladies whores and bit****, harass them with sexual photos and remarks, make rape threats and encourage them to try suicide. This has been occurring for ages.

Dillon will not be a random social media consumer hiding behind a pretend picture and profile. He’s an actual individual, celebrated, appreciated and regarded as much as by would-be boxers. It’s disappointing how effortlessly he abused and shamed Nina, and it reveals how so many individuals degrade ladies as a result of they’re assured they may get away with it. And so they do.

Social media has given individuals a platform to brazenly cut back ladies to sexual objects. It isn’t a celebration of feminine sexuality, however a mirrored image of their excessive hatred and contempt for ladies.

‘You are not an internet piece of clickbait’

Nina beforehand appeared on Logan’s podcast, ‘Impaulsive,’ and talked about their engagement. They opened up about how they needed to hold their relationship as non-public as doable to flee trolling.

“I’ve been so intentional about keeping things between us, you are not an internet piece of clickbait,” Logan stated to Nina on the podcast. “You’re my everything. I don’t want to drag you into this shitstorm, it’s a f*cking hellhole online. You have to have iron skin. We posted our first picture together for our anniversary, and the comments are scathing, being so mean to Nina.”

“It is just not okay, people are negative for no reason,” Nina stated. “I’ll pretend like I don’t care, but it f*cking sucks.”

Logan Paul stoops, then apologises

Logan too, sadly, hit a brand new low when he insulted Dillon’s mom, Nikki Danis, by calling her a “prostitute”. Nonetheless, he later issued an apology for his inappropriate remarks throughout an interview on FLAGRANT. “What do you want from me? You want me to be an angel? [You insinuated his mom was a prostitute] Nah, nah, nah. I didn’t wanna do that. Nikki, I’m sorry, I’m f*****g sorry. I swear to God I didn’t wanna do that,” Logan stated in the course of the interview.

“And you’re right. You’re right. I did do it. And I did it because I was pushed to a line ‘cause my opponent crossed a line and I shouldn’t have stooped to his level. I shouldn’t. Nikki, I’m f*****g sorry. You raised a scumbag, you did. He’s a bad person. And he got me to a place where I didn’t wanna go,” he added.

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