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Ginger not solely improves style and flavour of your meals, however additionally it is utilized in Ayurveda for treating digestive issues, chilly and cough. Contemporary ginger and dry ginger have completely different properties as per the traditional medicinal apply. Whereas recent ginger together with jaggery stimulates digestive hearth and loosens stools, dry ginger helps with fuel, bloating and likewise with constipation. Contemporary ginger additionally treats cough, fever, vomiting et al. Dry ginger can assist in bronchial asthma and persistent respiratory ailments. Contemporary ginger ought to be prevented in case of pores and skin ailments, bleeding issues, anaemia, burning sensation and so on. (Additionally learn: Ginger for wholesome hair: Exploring its wonderful advantages for hair progress and methods to include it into your routine)

Ayurvedically dry ginger is considered better than fresh ginger. Dry ginger is better for gas, bloating compared to fresh ginger(Shutterstock)
Ayurvedically dry ginger is taken into account higher than recent ginger. Dry ginger is best for fuel, bloating in comparison with recent ginger(Shutterstock)

“Ayurvedically dry ginger is taken into account higher than recent ginger. Dry ginger is best for fuel, bloating in comparison with recent ginger. Contemporary ginger will increase Vata whereas dried ginger balances Vata. Therefore chewing recent ginger or ingesting recent ginger tea for fuel, bloating will not be an amazing concept. Take dry ginger water as an alternative,” says Dr Rekha Radhamony in her latest Instagram submit.

Dr Radhamony additionally shares why dry ginger is best than recent ginger relating to therapy of sure issues.

Nice for constipation

Inspite of being absorbent (grahi) dry ginger is a light laxative and nice for constipation. For those who discover it tough to go bowels within the morning, drink a glass of dry ginger water.


Dried ginger has the property of ‘snigdha’ or non-drying. Therefore it is good for long-term use. However recent ginger is drying (rooksha) and therefore use occasionally.

Reduces mucus

Dried ginger is kapha reducing whereas recent ginger will increase Kapha. Therefore dry ginger water works nice in seasonal flu, chilly cough and most higher respiratory tract issues.

Learn how to eat dry ginger

The simplest technique to eat dry ginger is by boiling 2 glasses of water with 1 inch piece of dry ginger, scale back to 1 glass and drink up.

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