Ghostrunner 2: The First Hands-On Preview

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For my cash, no single-player sport makes you earn each acrobatic kill fairly like 2020’s Ghostrunner. Its fast-paced motion platforming was intense and brutally difficult, however wall-running, air dodging, and sliding your approach round a room to cut up enemies whereas dodging their pinpoint counter-offensives felt satisfying whenever you acquired it proper. Based mostly on my very restricted hands-on time with the sequel, its model of high-speed kill-or-be-killed violence stays one of the vital distinctive and rewarding motion sport experiences on the market, and Ghostrunner 2 wastes no time upping the ante with new tips to get the sting on enemies, and new methods to problem your reflexes.

The “punk” a part of cyberpunk continues to be firmly entrance and heart in Ghostrunner 2. After killing The Keymaster, Jack and his crew are left to attempt to deliver some semblance of order again to Dharma Tower, which is being consumed by the chaos of a number of gangs making an attempt to fill the facility vacuum. Town itself seems to be brighter and bolder, increasing on that patchwork mixture of dingy residential blocks and blocky industrial accents, drowned in billboards and neon. The techno-apocalypse vibes are spot-on.

Sliding into fight instantly reveals some returning skills, just like the sensory increase that enables Jack to gradual time down and strafe by the air to keep away from incoming fireplace. However now, he can sprint by the air greater than as soon as, that means he can shut additional gaps between him and his foes earlier than they ever get an opportunity to fireside a second shot. The power meter that regulates what number of dashes you get additionally doubles as a block gauge, a brand new characteristic that offers you one other method to preserve your self protected from common melee and ranged assaults. In situations the place many enemies had been coming at me from all sides and there wasn’t a lot cowl to be discovered, blocking and countering – which executes enemies whenever you time the block good – actually empowered me to face and scrap in a approach the earlier sport didn’t. This didn’t abruptly flip Jack into Ryu Hayabusa, but it surely did assist stop these occasions within the first sport the place working in circles, hoping to kite enemies away from one another so you possibly can decide them off individually, introduced the ‘always forward’ momentum of the motion to a scraping halt.

Blocking and countering – which executes enemies whenever you time the block good – actually empowered me to face and scrap in a approach the earlier sport didn’t.

I began with two particular skills: Tempest, the Pressure blast-like assault getting back from the primary sport, and the brand new Shuriken, which produces electrical ninja stars. Each had fight and light-weight puzzle-solving functions. Tempest can be utilized to shove enemies into or off of obstacles, or to maneuver platforms round to open up pathways. Shuriken can hit switches simply past attain, and have become a really helpful assault for controlling the gang by triggering environmental hazards or gorgeous dangerous guys on strategy. It’s additionally one other nice method to diversify your gameplan.

Working by the primary degree, there felt like far more methods to enter fight situations than there have been beforehand. One set of rooms allowed you to swing up instantly for a simple assault, or grappling right into a air flow shaft as much as the aspect to flank the defending goons. Both approach, the part was stuffed with breakable partitions you can sprint by to provide your self some final minute escape routes or assault angles in case regardless of the choice you make goes sideways.

The second mission of the demo was a very new idea, sitting me on a bike to chase a goal, increase leaping over gaps and driving up partitions to keep away from obstacles at very excessive pace. I believe I preferred the extent extra in idea, however in apply I discovered often getting caught on structure and barely lacking jumps to be very irritating. I believe it has potential, however I don’t assume this primary impression offered me on the cycle mission as an ongoing factor.

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