How To Skip The Entire Main Quest In Starfield

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The Starfield New Sport Plus characteristic definitely has lots of quirks. One of many coolest choices additionally drastically adjustments the way you method the marketing campaign. Our information discusses in case you how to–and whether or not you should–skip the primary quest in Starfield throughout your New Sport Plus run. Likewise, please be reminded that this text incorporates spoilers.

Must you skip the primary quest in Starfield

If you wish to skip the primary quest in Starfield, then ensure you’re already in your New Sport Plus playthrough. We have got all the main points on learn how to attain that half in our NG+ information, together with the stuff that will get carried over, and the cool toys that you’re going to get.

Repeat or skip the primary quest

Head to the Lodge to see that everybody’s simply as shocked as you’re. They know you because the miner from Vectera, however that individual already died; Vasco was the one who retrieved the artifact as a substitute. You are then given a alternative whenever you speak to Sarah:

  • Repeat predominant quest: I need to be part of Constellation. Unravel this thriller with you.
  • Skip predominant quest: I am not who you suppose. I am Starborn. I do know what the artifacts are.
It's up to you if you want to go through the same stuff again.
It is as much as you if you wish to undergo the identical stuff once more.

There are, after all, execs and cons. As an illustration, in case you determine to repeat the primary quest, then that in some way defeats the aim of an NG+ run, since you will redo each mission similar to earlier than.

Nevertheless, in case you skip the primary quest, the marketing campaign might be drastically altered (as defined under). Your character will blurt out each element, together with the companion demise in A Excessive Worth to Pay (that definitely shocked Sarah since she died in our marketing campaign). Maybe the largest draw back is expounded to companion romance. All predominant quests provide dialogue alternatives that enhance a companion’s affinity. With out these, you will should make do with facet quests, faction quests, and different interactions. Nonetheless, skipping does hold your playthrough refreshing.

Yet another subject of notice is {that a} totally different storyline development might have an effect on sure facet quests. For instance, we didn’t obtain the Overdesigned mission from Walter. That meant we have been unable to amass the free Class-C Kepler R ship.

Artifact and energy acquisition

For those who skip the primary quest in Starfield, you will discover a special technique of buying artifacts: Vladimir merely provides you all of the places. That is it. You may see the entire planets that you could go to in your quest log as a part of a mission known as Among the many Stars.

As for unlockable powers, you retain people who you have already acquired in your preliminary marketing campaign. Nevertheless, Vladimir will typically let you know of temple places (i.e. Energy From Past quests), and you would nonetheless obtain notifications whenever you go to new star programs. The distinction right here is that you simply would possibly receive upgraded variations, resembling Parallel Self II or Elemental Pull II.


Vladimir (left) simply provides you a listing of all artifact places, which you will see in your quest log (proper).

How you can recruit companions in case you skip the primary quest

There’s additionally a transparent distinction in the way you recruit companions in case you skip the primary quest in Starfield. Here is a fast abstract:

  • Sarah and Vasco might be in The Lodge, as normal, so no issues there.
  • Barrett might be in Vectera (you will not have to rescue him anymore). Lin and Heller are additionally there. They bugged out in our predominant marketing campaign (they simply disappeared instantly). In NG+, that they had no dialogue in any respect and we could not recruit them. We’re unsure if this was as a result of aforementioned bug.
  • Sam and Andreja weren’t accessible in the beginning. Nevertheless, as soon as we acquired all artifact’s from the search log, they confirmed up in The Lodge. Sam was within the bar on the second ground, and Andreja was in her room.
We found Barrett, Lin, and Heller in the same area, but only Barrett had dialogue.
We discovered Barrett, Lin, and Heller in the identical space, however solely Barrett had dialogue.

Starborn interactions

Lastly, there are some key interactions with Starborn in NG+. Listed here are some examples:

  • Since you possibly can simply seize artifacts by visiting the listed planets, the assault in The Lodge will not happen.
  • After gathering all artifacts, you will meet your outdated Starborn rivals in orbit over Oborum III, versus docking with the Emissary’s ship.
  • In Oborum III, you additionally select whether or not to facet with the Hunter or Emissary. This replaces the interplay in Unearthed/NASA Landmark, because you’re not required to go there.
  • The Revelation closing mission stays the identical, for probably the most half.
  • We have additionally seen that, upon clearing one NG+ run and skipping the primary quest once more, the checklist/tallies for the artifact places remained the identical. Maybe there’s just one permutation for all NG+ makes an attempt. Nevertheless, we did obtain a special Starborn Swimsuit (Materia as a substitute of Astra), and it had higher stats and totally different mods.
You decide who to ally with when you go to Oborum III. You don't need to go to NASA anymore.
You determine who to ally with whenever you go to Oborum III. You needn’t go to NASA anymore.

In any case, that is all the things you could learn about whether or not or not you must skip the primary quest in Starfield. It is actually as much as you if you wish to repeat the marketing campaign as soon as extra, or if you wish to attempt one thing totally different and refreshing. Lastly, now that you simply’re Starborn, you would possibly find yourself assembly the Starborn Dealer as you discover the celebs.

Starfield is an enormous sport with quite a few planets to discover. For different suggestions and ways, you possibly can go to our guides hub.

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