‘I Want Water To Pour Down On Me’: Trump Has Cold Words For Showers At GOP Dinner

The Republican frontrunner, within the dinner’s keynote speech, took intention at regulatory prices underneath President Joe Biden and claimed his administration “cut the cost of job-killing regulations” in U.S. households earlier than crusing into his toilet discuss.

“You know I have this gorgeous head of hair – when I take a shower, I want water to pour down on me. When you go into these new homes with showers, the water drips down slowly, slowly,” Trump stated.

“You have suds, beautiful nice wonderful suds, a lot of money, Procter & Gamble, all that crap that they sell they say is good, probably costs ’em about two cents and they sell it for $10. It takes you 10 minutes to wash your hair. You know what you do? You just stay in the shower about 10 times longer than you would have, it’s the same, you probably use more water. I broke all that up.”

Customers on X (Twitter’s rebrand) mocked the previous president for returning to considered one of his previous hits about water stream on Saturday.

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