Local TV Anchor Drops Epic Takedown On Lauren Boebert

Denver TV information anchor Kyle Clark is placing Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) on blast for the antics that obtained her tossed from a efficiency of the “Beetlejuice” musical in addition to her antics afterward.

“I haven’t seen a single person say, ’Why, I am shocked that Lauren Boebert was rude, disruptive and belligerent,” Clark stated on “Next With Kyle Clark” on 9News on Monday. “This is, after all, the congresswoman who suggested that a Muslim colleague was a suicide bomber.”

Boebert initially denied a lot of the boorish habits that obtained her booted, which included being disruptive, vaping and taking pics throughout the efficiency.

The lawmaker wrote on Twitter that she “fell short” of her values.

“What?” a surprised Clark requested. “When Boebert didn’t know that the cameras were watching, she was exactly who she is when she does know people are watching.”

Clark referred to a report by theater employees during which she allegedly stated “Don’t you know who I am?” as she was ejected.

“Yes,” Clark answered. “We do.”

See his full phase beneath:

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