Meet Captain Marvel’s new arch-enemy, The Omen

Carol Danvers can have a model new supervillain enemy to go along with her new Captain Marvel ongoing title from author Alyssa Wong and artist Jan Bazaldua later this 12 months. Meet The Omen, the herald of a cosmic being often called The Undone who needs to destroy Carol Danvers to pave the best way for it to destroy the Earth, designed by Captain Marvel sequence artist Jan Bazaldua.

You possibly can catch a glimpse of the design for The Omen right here, together with a take a look at Yuna, a younger woman who falls into Carol Danvers’ cost when she comes into possession of the fabled Nega-Bands which had been as soon as worn by the Kree warrior Mar-Vell, Carol’s predecessor as Captain Marvel. And for good measure, the gallery additionally has take a look at the just-released cowl for November 22’s Captain Marvel #2 by Stephen Segovia:

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