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Organisers of subsequent month’s Stranraer oyster competition have promised to recycle the shell of each mollusc consumed on the three-day occasion to assist develop the final remaining wild, native oyster mattress in Scotland.

With about 12,000 oysters consumed final yr, the round assortment scheme will be sure that this yr’s shells are returned to the protected mattress on the shores of Loch Ryan, a number of miles north of Stranraer. This reduces waste from the competition and likewise creates beneficial shell habitat for younger oysters. The native selection, Ostrea edulis, has been virtually worn out in UK waters by overfishing and seabed trawling.

Scotland’s solely devoted oyster competition, now in its fifth yr, additionally marks a deliberate reinvention for the previous ferry terminal which struggled after companies to Eire had been relocated six miles up the loch to Cairnryan greater than a decade in the past.

Romano Petrucci, chair of Stranraer Growth Belief, which runs the competition, says the annual occasion has had a huge effect on Stranraer’s financial system – producing virtually £5m because it started in 2017 – and its identification.

Loch Ryan’s native oyster, Ostrea edulis.
Loch Ryan’s native oyster, Ostrea edulis. {Photograph}: Stranraer oyster competition

“It’s a way of leaving behind the anger and frustration that the boats had moved up the road,” he stated. “The irony is that for years, oysters were growing a mile away from Stranraer, then being shipped 700 miles down south to be cleaned, then taken to Harrods and the Ritz in London.”

When he first had the thought of doing one thing to advertise the native native oyster mattress, he requested the primary 50 locals who got here into his harbour-side cafe in the event that they realised it was close by: 49 didn’t know something about it.

With oysters often marketed as a high-end delicacy, Petrucci was insistent that the competition ought to be for everybody. “We’ve made it clear we’re a working-class community and there’s no way oysters are going to be out of reach for anyone at the festival. So those seven that you’d spend £70 on in Harrods, you can pay £6 or £7 for in Stranraer.”

He’s additionally clear that “there’s no requirement to like oysters to enjoy the festival”, with kids’s actions, music and different native produce on provide, “but every year more people are coming from further afield because they do like oysters”.

Tristan Hugh-Jones, centre, serving up oysters.
Tristan Hugh-Jones, centre, serving up oysters. {Photograph}: Colin Hattersley

The recycling scheme was prompted by native recommendations about methods to make the competition greener, and a recognition that Scotland’s final wild, native oyster fishery is not only nationally necessary however essential for the species.

Changing the shells within the mattress, which has been sustainably managed by Loch Ryan Oyster Fishery Firm since 1996, gives the oyster larvae with the stable construction they require to settle and develop.

Native oysters are thought-about ecosystem engineers, says Tristan Hugh-Jones, director of the fishery, as a result of they assist keep marine ecosystems by filtering water and offering habitat for coastal wildlife.

“When oysters grow in number is generally good for local biodiversity,” he stated.

With the mattress’s oyster numbers estimated at 60m, Loch Ryan oysters at the moment are being utilized in restoration tasks elsewhere the UK and Europe.

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