Starfield – A High Price To Pay Quest Guide

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The Starfield marketing campaign takes you to a number of areas, all with the backing of your pals in Constellation. Nonetheless, one specific incident occurs later within the sport, which can, little doubt, shock you. Our Starfield A Excessive Worth to Pay information discusses this specific mission, which is definitely filled with spoilers.

Find out how to Full A Excessive Worth to Pay in Starfield

The Starfield A Excessive Worth to Pay mission happens shortly after No Sudden Strikes. Previous to this, the Constellation group might be divided into two: these in The Lodge and people in The Eye.

Groupings in A Excessive Worth to Pay

This is a fast abstract:

  • Vladimir Sall and three Constellation companions might be aboard The Eye.
  • Walter, Noel, Matteo, Vasco, and one Constellation companion might be in The Lodge.
  • We won’t say for sure what impacts the areas of your full-fledged companions. We are able to solely surmise that this may occasionally have one thing to do with their affinity–i.e. the one with the best affinity might be a part of the group in The Eye, and the one with the second highest affinity might be in The Lodge.

When you speak to Noel, you will notice that The Eye has been attacked. Shortly thereafter, somebody makes an attempt to barge inside The Lodge. You now have to decide on whether or not you’d defend The Lodge or go to The Eye.

You need to make a decision.
It’s worthwhile to decide.

What occurs should you defend The Lodge

When you resolve to defend The Lodge in Starfield’s A Excessive Worth to Pay quest, you are advised to verify on Walter on the second ground. As quickly as you go close to, the Hunter, a Starborn warrior, seems. This is what it’s worthwhile to do subsequent:

  • Proceed capturing the Hunter for a short time in order that the remainder of the group has time to undergo the sewer passageway within the basement. Be careful for the Hunter’s powers, akin to summoning a reproduction of himself.
  • Proceed to the sewers, which finally results in The Properly. The Hunter will proceed chasing you, so make a run for it.
  • Upon exiting The Properly, you must proceed all the way in which to the Spaceport, the place you can take off in your ship.
  • Dock with The Eye and see what simply occurred.


Left: The Hunter will seem and choke Walter; Proper: Your escape takes you all the way in which to the Spaceport.

Sadly, since you weren’t in a position to go to The Eye in time, certainly one of your companions will find yourself useless. In my case, Sarah died.

We consider it is as a result of she had the best affinity amongst all my companions, although we will not totally verify that. Maybe issues would prove otherwise in your playthrough.

Sarah died aboard The Eye in one of our campaigns.
Sarah died aboard The Eye in certainly one of our campaigns.

What occurs should you go to The Eye

When you resolve to go to The Eye in Starfield’s A Excessive Worth to Pay quest, remember to do it quick since you solely have a brief window of time. You could exit The Lodge earlier than Walter is choked by the Hunter. When you’re unable to do that rapidly, the door might be inaccessible. This is what occurs subsequent:

  • The companion that is purported to die in The Eye is severely wounded, however you’ll be able to speak to them. They will be capable to get better afterward.
  • You continue to must return to The Lodge. There, you will see that the lone full-fledged companion is useless.
    • In Mark’s marketing campaign, it was Sam that died in The Lodge.
    • In my marketing campaign, it was Andreja.
    • We in contrast notes and realized that these two had the second highest affinity amongst our companions.
Sarah survived because we went to The Eye.
Sarah survived as a result of we went to The Eye.

You are not finished but, nevertheless, since you continue to want to go to the sewers to seek out Noel. Upon reaching her, the Hunter will seem.

The Starborn will nonetheless chase you, so it’s worthwhile to undergo The Properly and the Spaceport to succeed in your ship. From there, everybody will regroup in The Eye, and it’s worthwhile to plan your subsequent strikes.

Unfortunately, Andreja died in The Lodge.
Sadly, Andreja died in The Lodge.

Constellation has been damaged in any case these incidents, and the survivors have to select up the items. We talk about additional occasions in our guides relating to the Armillary, in addition to whether or not or not you’d be capable to save your companion.

Starfield is a large sport with quite a few planets to discover. For different suggestions and techniques, you’ll be able to go to our guides hub.

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