that humanity is making itself extinct

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Colombia’s President Gustavo Petro delivered an ominous prophecy with grandiose language on Tuesday, portray a grim image of what lies forward if nations fail to swiftly redesign the best way people stay on this planet.

“It has been a year in which humanity lost and without hesitation has advanced the times of extinction,” he mentioned in his speech on the U.N. Normal Meeting. “It would seem as though the global leadership has made enemies with life.”

Eloquent oratory is a skill Petro often deploys. Lately, he has done so to project himself as a global leader on climate change — and to reproach others for failing to fully heed its peril. He stole the show at Brazil’s Amazon Summit in July, calling on his oil-producing neighbors to abandon fossil fuels, and asserting that allowing continued drilling while calling for a green transition is tantamount to being in denial.

At the U.N., he said that what he called “the crisis of life” has already begun, as signaled by migration of local weather refugees, and warned that within the coming half-century, their numbers will attain 3 billion. His nation, at this time coated by lush forests, will remodel to abandon, he mentioned, and its individuals will decamp en masse, “no longer attracted by the sequins of the wealth, but by something simpler and more vital: water.”

Petro mentioned mankind has “dedicated itself to war,” which has distracted consideration and sources from growth objectives and local weather change, which he referred to as “the mother of all crises.”

His speech at instances resembled literary prose, significantly his characterization of the migration movement. Within the Spanish-language transcript submitted, the phrase “Life” is capitalized steadily by the speech.

“It has started from the farthest corners of the planet, from the last places, a silent march of people of different cultures that mix along the way, as a painting of infinite hues,” he mentioned. “The colors mix along the unstoppable march, a multitude of all colors advance by trails, oceans and jungles. It configures a type of artwork on the canvas of the earth. A fluid of tones and sounds, of different vestments and cultures, amalgamate without losing their beginnings.”

Petro wrapped up by saying he needs his three grandchildren to stay “far from apocalypse and the times of extinction.”

“I want them to live in the times in which the human being knew how to cease killing itself on the planet and managed, understanding its own cultural diversity, to fulfill the expansion of the virus of Life through the stars of the universe.”

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