The Mandalorian Star Timothy Olyphant Opens Up About Failed Star Trek Audition

The Mandalorian star Timothy Olyphant has revealed why he misplaced out on a key Star Trek function.

Throughout an interview with Josh Horowitz on the Completely satisfied Unhappy Confused podcast, Olyphant opened up about his Star Trek audition with J.J. Abrams.

“Here’s what I can tell you about Star Trek,” he stated. “I went in and I auditioned for I think like, not for Captain Kirk, but I remember reading with J.J. Abrams and he’s just a lovely, lovely guy. And just a lovely audition process.”

It seems, he was really auditioning for the function of Dr Leonard McCoy aka “Bones”, the basic Star Trek physician initially performed by DeForest Kelley in Star Trek: The Unique Sequence. Sadly, Abrams had already landed on Karl City for the function.

“Somewhere in there, I was auditioning for Doc or something, he’s like, ‘I already got a guy for Doc, so I don’t need you for that. But I don’t have a Kirk.’ ”

Olyphant as a substitute auditioned for the long-lasting function of Captain James T. Kirk, the captain of the starship Enterprise that was made well-known by the unique star, William Shatner. Satirically, he missed out on the function resulting from his age.

“I believe it was one of those things where it’s like, he might have been prepared to hire me, but they wanted somebody younger,” stated Olyphant. “He was having a hard time finding somebody younger, and somewhere along the line, J.J. called and said, ‘I found a guy, younger, who’s really good.’ ”

That youthful actor turned out to be Chris Pine, who went on to star as Kirk in Star Trek, Stark Trek Into Darkness, and Star Trek Past. Nonetheless, Olyphant definitely wasn’t bitter.

“I have since then met Chris Pine and I am a huge fan of him both on and off screen,” he stated. “I love that guy. He is a good dude.”

“This sounds very show businessy, but I had the honor, we’re going to say honor, to go to the Golden Globes one year, back when it was cool,” he added. “I spent most of the evening at the bar with Chris Pine. I just really, really adored him. What a good guy. I really like his work. He’s one of those guys who makes it look simple and easy.”

He even had nothing however nice issues to say about Abrams, regardless of shedding the function. “Auditioning sucks,” he defined. “The fact that I remember the audition process fondly says a lot about J.J. Abrams and what a wonderful man that guy is.”

He might not have boldly gone the place no man has gone earlier than, however Olyphant has since headed to the galaxy far, distant as Mandalorian fan favourite, Cob Vanth.

IGN’s Star Trek evaluation gave it 7/10 and stated: “Star Trek instantly takes its place among the best of the movies in the franchise, even while embracing the healthier aspects of the series and wholly rejecting much of the dead weight. The film looks bigger and better than any Star Trek ever has.”

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Ryan Leston is an leisure journalist and movie critic for IGN. You’ll be able to comply with him on Twitter.

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