Vivek Agnihotri talks about ‘lonely deaths’ in films after Nitin Desai’s suicide | Bollywood

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri penned an extended be aware on Twitter and opened up about Bollywood. Titled ‘Lonely death of Bollywood,’ the note said one can get away with anything – murder, terrorism, rape or drunk driving. However, it all comes crashing down with time when one becomes irrelevant. He called it a ‘dark tunnel’ by hinting at those that determine to finish their lives. Additionally learn: Lagaan, Jodhaa Akbar artwork director Nitin Desai dies by suicide at 57

The Kashmir files director Vivek Agnihotri on deaths in Bollywood.
The Kashmir recordsdata director Vivek Agnihotri on deaths in Bollywood.

Vivek Agnihotri on Bollywood

Vivek wrote, “It’s a world were however successful you become, in the end, you are only a loser. In the end, everything is around you but nothing with you. For you. by you. Everything comes fast… fame, glory, money, fans, sycophants… covers, ribbons, women, affairs… everything you can associate with success, you get here. Also, Bollywood frees you from any kind of moral or ethical pressures. You can get away with murder, terrorism, rape or drunk driving.”

“Once money comes, it pours. You have always been a middle class. You don’t know what to do with this money. You invest big. Because people you trust, advise you to do so. What nobody tells is that in this bad world, never ever trust anyone. Slowly, new generation comes. You start becoming irrelevant. But your addiction to fame, money and relevance is so acute that you start demanding it. More you demand, more you become isolated. It’s a dark tunnel in which you just keep falling alone,” Vivek continued.

“Only you know what is happening in that tunnel. You want to talk but nobody is free. You talk to yourself. But you don’t even know how to listen to yourself. You have nothing to hold on to. You never invested in family, friends, values, morals, ethics, kindness, gratitude. So you have none. Since you have none, there is no money and fame. You invested in self, so you have only yourself. In its ugliest form. But you don’t like yourself without makeup. Without fans. All you are left with is a fan above you, on the ceiling. Sadly, this fan becomes your only fan which helps you bring an end to your lonely and miserable life. Some hang there, dying every moment. Some just hang themselves. This is the usual end,” The Kashmir Information director ended his tweet.

Nitin Desai’s demise

His tweet arrived after the information of artwork director Nitin Desai’s demise. He was discovered lifeless at his ND Studio in Karjat on Wednesday morning. Studies counsel that he died by suicide.

Mourning the lack of Nitin Desai, Vivek had shared earlier within the day, “I am heartbroken and sad beyond control to learn about my dearest friend Nitin Desai’s death. A legendary Production designer, a visionary who made ND Studio… Nitin not only loved Pallavi and I, he always guided me even in films we didn’t do together. Why Nitin, why? Om Shanti.”

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