Your Thrawn Is In Another Galaxy: What Ahsoka’s Quest Could Mean For The Star Wars Franchise

In case you aren’t a Star Wars: Rebels fan, watching Ahsoka is usually a little bit disorienting as a result of it is basically a live-action fifth season of that animated collection. However there’s nonetheless a lot for all the opposite Star Wars followers to chew on–particularly the seek for Thrawn, which looks like it could possibly be taking us past the borders of the Star Wars galaxy as we all know them. It is sort of an enormous deal.

Warning: The remainder of this text will comprise main spoilers for the primary two episodes of Ahsoka, in addition to hypothesis about what may occur in the remainder of the collection.

However it’s not an enormous deal simply because it is cool to do one thing new–though that is one thing Star Wars would not do typically sufficient. It is a massive deal as a result of it implies that this collection may truly deliver some order to the comically imprecise and nonsensical post-Return of the Jedi timeline that has been in full shambles since Disney rebooted the continuity a decade in the past.

Specifically, there are two huge holes within the timeline proper now. At the start, the rise of the First Order continues to be cloaked in thriller. We have got a number of the broad strokes relating to its origin within the wake of Return of the Jedi, and we now have scattered bits and items about its actions between the trilogies, however there’s not a single particular person on this Earth who can credibly declare to truly know what that story is in full–because there is not one.

That goes triple for Palpatine and his different secret Empire, the Remaining Order, which was one thing JJ Abrams pulled out of his butt for The Rise of Skywalker. It did not make sense when that film got here out, and since there have not been a lot in the best way confirmed additional particulars about how that got here to be since–theorized connections to Moff Gideon’s clone stuff in The Mandalorian Season 3 actually do not depend as confirmed–it clearly would not make any extra sense as we speak than it did then.

This quest to a different galaxy to seek out Thrawn could possibly be a method for the Star Wars franchise to start to fill in these gaps, however provided that this quest has one thing to do with both the First Order or the Remaining Order–or ideally each. Since each of those huge forces are stated to solely exist within the Unknown Areas of the galaxy throughout this era, it’s extremely attainable that this different galaxy the place Thrawn and Ezra Bridger ended up is linked to these secret Imperial remnants.

The query of how and why Thrawn and Ezra ended up wherever they’re after the purrgils despatched them each hurtling via hyperspace to an unknown vacation spot within the Rebels finale is a complete different factor, although. It is nearly sure that the Drive was concerned, however till we all know, properly, something about what occurred to them, it isn’t attainable to make good guesses about it.

We are able to, nonetheless, do some educated hypothesis about what this different galaxy is perhaps. There are 4 foremost potentialities.

1. That is some sort of dumbed down reference to the Unknown Areas of the Star Wars galaxy, which is tough for folk from recognized house to each get to and navigate as a result of it comprises a lot of stellar anomalies that they do not usually need to take care of. Contemplating that Thrawn’s individuals come from the Unknown Areas, and that a part of the galaxy was talked about and even visited many occasions on each Clone Wars and Rebels, it will be odd for them to shorthand the Unknown Areas like that. However, there have been no direct references to the Unknown Areas in these first two episodes, and so this must be a chance.

2. They’re speaking a couple of small satellite tv for pc galaxy that orbits the primary one. There have been a lot of examples of that sort of factor in each the present and previous canons. However no matter what timeline you are taking a look at, there’s, at minimal, two satellite tv for pc galaxies orbiting the Star Wars galaxy–an picture of the galaxy in Assault of the Clones reveals them very clearly, and that makes it unimpeachable canon.

The primary of these two satellites known as the Rishi Maze–so named as a result of it’s a must to undergo the Rishi system to get there. Rishi beforehand featured within the first season of Clone Wars, however I doubt Rishi is the reply right here as a result of it is just about a recognized amount. The second confirmed satellite tv for pc is a greater candidate.

That different galaxy, often called Firefist, has been detailed solely in reference books, nevertheless it contains the homeworlds of a number of Unknown Areas species. Firefist being a type of de facto extension of the Unknown Areas makes it a major candidate for his or her vacation spot on Ahsoka, and that additionally makes this place a major candidate for being associated to one of many reborn Empires that the lore says rose up within the Unknown Areas.

3. It is an precise different full galaxy of comparable dimension to the Star Wars galaxy. This is not too seemingly, as a result of no character from the Star Wars galaxy has ever traveled to a different full galaxy in any story. The reverse, nonetheless, just isn’t true–there was a serious storyline within the defunct Expanded Universe a couple of bunch of aliens referred to as the Yuuzhan Vong who traveled from their very own galaxy to invade the New Republic about 20 years after Return of the Jedi.

Whereas the Yuuzhan Vong should not a part of Disney’s continuity, their introduction within the late Nineteen Nineties got here with some main retcons which are related right here. The massive one was the concept that Palpatine a minimum of partially wished to consolidate his energy with the Empire in an effort to put together for the Yuuzhan Vong menace that he knew was coming. They usually knew it was coming as a result of Thrawn’s individuals had encountered and fought Yuuzhan Vong scouts within the Unknown Areas greater than half a century earlier than the invasion. In order that model of Thrawn had a direct connection to these extragalactic aliens despite the fact that he died earlier than the precise invasion.

4. It is not one other galaxy, however one other dimension. This is the factor about hyperspace in Star Wars: It is not truly a pace. When a starship jumps to hyperspace, it is shifting into a unique airplane of actuality the place they principally carve a shortcut to a different spot in “realspace.” Ezra and Thrawn may have been trapped in hyperspace itself, or ended up in another place that is past the conventional bodily actuality.

Regardless of the reply, let’s hope it isn’t simply one other neat little Star Wars journey that does not imply something for the massive image.

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